We have rescued so many animals here at the Refuge, wild and domesticated.  These are just a few of the images and stories. Sadly, there are so many more that have not been recorded. Dogs regularly get "dumped" in the desert, left to starve to death, die of dehydration or be attacked and killed by other animals. It's truly tragic that these innocent animals are so mistreated.


Along with the abandonment of domesticated animals, we see local wildlife suffering from injuries, some inflicted by humans. We also see their habitat being damaged and diminished. We want to help protect where and how they live in nature.


There is so much we want to do to help and protect these animals, but it takes a lot of money to rescue, provide medical care for, feed, and house all these animals.  If you are an animal lover and would like to help us on our quest, please consider donating to Kitty's Wildlife Refuge and Rescue.  We are a registered charity, so you will receive a tax receipt upon request.

KWR&R is a Registered Charity.

"Rescued pups from the desert, living alone, who all had mange - & I got it, too, from them" ~ Kitty

"This little boy was found out on 1000 Palms Road. My dear friend, Sally, was driving home & saw him just sitting there on the side of the road. This is also a famous dumping area for dogs, and I have rescued so many dogs from this exact place. Anyway, not being up so good on his English & unable to tell us, we can't imagine how he got there, but he is a really, really nice little boy."



little Toby rescued from the desert


Toby in his new "forever" home

An injured raven at the refuge
A fringed toad lizard at the refuge
- an endangered species
One of 13 emaciated pups rescued from Baren desert
Epic is the great grandson of Secretariat, the famous race horse. He spent one month here (so grateful for those corrals that previous owner left behind) before going to his forever retirement home with Free Spirit Animal Rescue.

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KWR&R is a Registered Charity

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