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Rocket the tortoise loves Skye the dog at Kitty's Wildlife Refuge and Rescue

Updated: Feb 18, 2018

Rocket is a rescued tortoise, and Skye came here about the same time as Rocket.  It was summer, so she saw him every day, and Rocket followed her around like a puppy.  When Rocket hibernated the first time, Skye just could not figure out why he would not come out and play with her.

So, she started crawling into his hibernation hole every day to check him out, to see what he was doing down there, hoping he would come out.  Even in the summer, after Rocket eats and goes back down into his hole, Skye will now crawl down and take a nap with him. Their's is an unlikely but true friendship that continues to this day.​

Kitty Pallesen

Kitty's Wildlife Refuge & Rescue

Kitty's Wildlife Refuge and Rescue provides dog rescue and rescuing animals, wildlife refuge, wildlife rescue & rehabilitation, and pet rescue

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