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My friends, the Ravens

Updated: Feb 18, 2018

Living with 80 ravens is like having the circus come to town every day!

First of all, let’s distinguish exactly who we’re talking about. Ravens are different than crows. Way different. Ravens are bigger and calmer. Their caws are deeper, varied, and melodic in a clucking sort of way. Crows are high pitched, nervous, and jumpy. Ravens have a Roman hooked bill and a diamond wedge shaped tail. Crows yap and flap. Ravens soar. Ravens possess legendary intelligence and seem to enjoy life more. Ravens are fun to watch, because they fly just to play. Ravens are very social, quite the conversationalists, and interact with each other, other animals, and people endlessly. They love to tease my dogs and are interested in everything.

They pick up rocks to drop in the water bowls. I have a 20 year collection of “treasures” they have brought me from the desert: coins, golf balls, pretty little rocks, little old match-box cars of my son's (who is 32 now, but was only 7 when we moved here), shells, all colors of pretty broken glass pieces, anything shiny!

An empty plastic bottle can provide entertainment for hours – even all day, for them and for me. They follow me over to feed the neighbors horses, talking the whole way. At the break of dawn every morning they gather and wait for me on the electric poles and wires by the house.

They know I am going to walk out to their feeding area with a bag of food, so they swoop and dive around my head and escort me the whole way.One morning, one of the bowls (actually an old cast iron skillet) was gone. The coyotes had carried it off in the night, but how far could or would a coyote drag a heavy skillet? I started walking farther out in the desert, looking for it, with the food bag in one hand and the other hand held up to block the light from the rising sun in my eyes. I kept going and going, with no skillet in sight. Just as I stopped and turned to go back, I was greeted with the most amazing sight. All 80 ravens had followed behind me “pied piper” style on the ground.

When I stopped, they stopped. We just stood there in the morning light staring at each other. I said, “Well, what are you guys doing out here?” They looked back at me with the same question and then at each other and then proceeded to discuss it amongst themselves. Then we all walked back together and commenced with the regular breakfast routine.

Yep, ravens are interested and interesting, and they just seem to have more fun than the rest of us mere mortals. If you would like to learn and enjoy more about Ravens, I recommend watching The Raven Diaries ( Or ask me. I have hundreds of raven stories. Or come visit them at the refuge. They do not ever disappoint – my ravens, oh my!!!

Kitty Pallesen

Kitty's Wildlife Refuge & Rescue

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