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Feeding the Coyotes

Updated: Feb 18, 2018

I feed the coyotes Ole Roy dog food, and this is exactly what the ravens eat, also.  I scatter dog food all over the ground like someone would scatter bird seed, so that 80 ravens can eat without fighting over a bowl of food.  But I also fill 4 bowls of food at the same time, so every coyote that comes in can have their own bowl, too.  All of this happens at the same time, with the coyotes and ravens eating together.  However, at this time, there are 3 coyotes who come together, but there is one lone smaller coyote who is not a part of this group, who will only come to eat after the others are gone.  Of course, by then, all of the food is gone.  So, I have special words and whistles that I use to let the straggler know that the others are gone, and it is safe for her to come eat now.  When she shows up, I go fill another bowl just for her.  I never put down the carrots for the bunnies and the squirrels until all the coyotes are fed and gone, and this routine happens morning and night.  Every day.  Rain or shine.  And this is also why I cut up 450 pounds of carrots a month and go through 800 pounds of Ole Roy a month and 360 pounds of bird seed a month and why I never have a day off!  Ha, no wonder, right?

Kitty Pallesen

Kitty's Wildlife Refuge & Rescue

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