By becoming a part of the solution, whether it is volunteering at the Ranch or doing you own rescue, Kitty is here to help and mentor anyone interested in making a difference. Once you have worked 100 hours at the Ranch or have done your own rescue you will become an honorary "Kitty" and your story will be posted on KWR&R's FaceBook page, you'll get a "Kitty" pin and mention in Kitty's blog. Why not get started today and join this special group of people!

Jann Browne

Musician and Recording Artist, Jann Browne, became an honorary Kitty after working on the Death Camp dog Rescue in 2013. Jann spent hundreds of hours working side by side with Kitty until the very last dog was rescued. Jann then called on all her musician friends to rally around the Refuge and produced the first and second annual fundraising event, Dogstock, at the Ranch. Over 25 bands have donated their time to Kitty's cause thanks to Jann. Dogstock III, is in the planning stage! 


Nice work, Jann. You really earned those whiskers!


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