Kitty Pallesen 

Kitty is the heart and soul of the Refuge and Rescue. Kitty is a true Dr. Doolittle of our times. She hears, listens to, and understands the animals as if she speaks their language. She selflessly donates all her time and money to keep this refuge going. As a true lover of all creatures, she provides a safe and nurturing environment for any animal that needs help.

KWR&R is located in Sky Valley, CA on 5 acres called Paradise Ranch. Originally, the property was a science project for Kitty and her young son, Chris. They moved to the Desert and decided to build their dream world. A world built with surrounding materials and some cunning ingenuity. What developed after 22 years is a sanctuary of love and support for people and creatures from every walk of life.

Donating a rescued German Shepherd to the

Camp Pendleton Wounded Warrior's program

Kitty with Dr. Eiro Heisenbird

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KWR&R is a Registered Charity

Street Address:

21900 PENNY LN

SKY VALLEY, CA 92241-7986

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