"Rescued Dogs" Documentary in progress @ Desert C.A.M. Studios
Watch the trailer of the Documentary by Phillip Gittleman about Kitty's amazing rescue of over 60 dogs in the International story of Dog Death Camp


The mission of KWR&R is to support all wildlife in the surrounding area in the form of food, water, shelter, shade, and medical attention when needed. KWR&R also helps provide placement and medical assistance to other animals that are rescued by anyone who is so moved to help any of our animal friends. It is also the goal of this organization to provide financial assistance for low cost spay and neutering for pet owners who desperately want to own an animal but feel they can't afford it. 


KWR&R exists to rescue abandoned and injured animals, pays for medical treatment, spay & neutering costs and then finds them a loving home. KWR&R not only rescues and rehabilitates dogs, but we also rescue birds, coyotes, lizards, trees and plant life.  


No creatures forgotten! 

The desert is a very harsh and intense environment that demands incredible will and survival skills on a daily basis, which is where Kitty's Wildlife Refuge & Rescue comes in.  It truly is a refuge and sanctuary to all of these animals. KWR&R is located in Sky Valley, CA on 5 acres called Paradise Ranch. Originally, the property was a science project for Kitty and her young son, Chris. They moved to the Desert and decided to build their dream world. A world built with surrounding materials and some cunning ingenuity. What developed after 22 years is a sanctuary of love and support for people and creatures from every walk of life.

Kitty's Wildlife Refuge and Rescue

An injured coyote on its way to the rescue in Kitty's vehicle

One of the great miracles of nature is seeing how animals show love and compassion for other species. At our refuge, we have witnessed one of our rescued dogs and one of our rescued tortoises becoming best friends.


KWR&R welcomes all animals, including squirrels, and provides what it can to help feed and protect these amazing creatures.


Ravens have learned that they are safe at our Refuge and flock here regularly. 


Custom built rehab aviary for injured ravens


The ranch in the morning - just before a group tour


A particular raven with a very distinct personality "caw, caw!" and one of our resident roadrunners "beep, beep!"


Rental accommodations on the property for guests who want to immerse themselves in life at the ranch.

For bookings, contact Kitty at kittyswildlife@gmail.com

Kitty's Wildlife Refuge & Rescue

KWR&R gives real hope and happiness to animals who need loving homes and a family to call their own. Sweet Indie, was so abused that he couldn't see through all the hair in his eyes and had a mouth full of rotten teeth.

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